Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Life since Oscar:)

Well, we LOVE our little Oscar baby...he is SUCH a good baby...better than I ever imagined a baby could be, it's kind of crazy actually. 
Oscar is so sweet, we all love him to bits. His big brothers are super helpful and kind...and have been really great since he was born. 
My recovery has been going a lot slower than I had hoped, which is a huge bummer. Right off the bat I was feeling great, compared to the last two times, but it seems to be taking forever to feel better. 
I do feel much better than last week or the week before, but still am not feeling great....not even good enough to do normal everyday stuff yet. 
This week has been a little crazy, full of doctors appr's and tests...my hubby being sick for a couple of days, Roo waking up in the middle of the night with an ear infection (again!!), with me just making sure I don't have an infection, and to get Oscar checked out. He has jaundice still, but we're hoping that with increased feedings it will sort itself out.
I have to say that I couldn't have done it without ALL of my amazing friends and family. My mom came and stayed with me and took car e of evertything for a while, and we've had numerous friends bring us dinners, help clean, take kids and drive us to appointments. I'm overwhelmed with gratitide at how much help we have been given. THANK YOU all!!!
Hopefully by my next post I'll be feeling WAY better!! :)

 This is a picture of ALL of the                  grandkids!! :

And here are some great pics from the fantastic Devynn of DBimages: